Meet The Team

Marc Meyers - President

Our founder and CEO is a former EMT turned ER nurse turned IT guru who has experienced the difficulties of managing healthcare IT systems professionally and personally.

"In healthcare, time is of the essence and clinicians simply don’t have the luxury of calling various providers to learn a patient’s health history. With today's technology, there is no reason patients who see multiple doctors should be forced to repeat their health histories many times over.
This is wasting valuable time where the doctor and patient could be discussing treatment and care plans."

Marc Meyers, RN
President, MC Integration Solutions

Jared Wirth - Software Developer

Ashley Hansen - Business Development Director

Ashley is currently a student at Fox Valley Technical College studying Business with an emphasis in Marketing. Her eagerness to learn new things will help her excel at her new position as the Business Development Director here at MCIS. While finishing her degree, she will work with our team to lead sales and client-relationship management, track new markets, and develop, coordinate, and implement plans needed to increase the business to help as many clients as we can. Our clients will always be our top priority, and with Ashley’s creativity and attention to detail, we are confident in our ability as a team to offer the best services to our clients.