What Our Clients Have to Say

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Deanna D. Benish, MD


Family Medicine and Obstetrics

"My experience with our interface consultant has been very favorable. 

I have enjoyed the benefits of finding electronic efficiencies to help me in my daily practice.  The courtesy copy process has been extremely helpful in alleviating excessive signature processes.  Now it is possible to acknowledge results/reports just once and not having to duplicate work while addressing documents on my desktop. 

Documents from our inpatient database can now properly populate our outpatient chart without having to get a signature on every parcel.  The service allowed us to pick the vital information that needs to be seen and reviewed, but eliminated the “extra” documents that don’t need to be individually acknowledged to be a part of their chart.   

I still will see and sign off on important work (like discharge summaries and admission notes) without having to individually address every lab and x-ray that was ordered by the inpatient provider. 

This has been a way to find efficiency in my practice.  I am very thankful."

 "Working with MC Integration Solutions has been great. Any request I had to make the reporting functions of the system better and more user-friendly were addressed quickly and done well. I now have a system I feel I can efficiently use to review data and report from, as well as manage users, too."

Heidi Finucan 
RN / House Supervisor / Education Associate | Education

"Prior to the report generation that MC Integration Solutions was able to provide I had to generate my own reports through a cumbersome ad hoc process. The time I spent monthly generating my specific report averaged 90 minutes of dedicated RN staff time. 

I am happy to report the same task can be done in 10 minutes or less a month. 

Working with the personnel at MC Integration Solutions has been professional and prompt." 


Rita Schara, Director of Patient Safety & Quality: Reedsburg Area Medical Center - http//www.ramchealth.com 

"Marc has a deep understanding of both clinical workflow and healthcare systems integration. I worked with Marc nearly two years, and can personally attest to his ability to achieve interoperability through information technology. "


Nathan Smith, Senior Project Manager: Ardent Health Services www.ardenthealth.com