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Custom Design Services

        Our portfolio of custom solutions grows with every project, and all of our custom solutions are designed to adapt to any system. We can configure and implement a solution in less time than it takes the others to plan because we have already done the work. Our solutions save your organization time, and saved time equals money saved. Click below to see what we have available, or to add a new solution to the list.

Data Extraction and Conversion

        Custom designed and tailored to each individual system. Our solutions can extract from everything from SQL databases to extracting text from your documents, even PDF. We then convert to the format your receiving system requires, from HL7 to XML, even JSON and FHIR standards. Click below for a demonstration of how it works.

System Integration

        Using the power of the Qvera Integration Engine, MC Integration Solutions has successfully connected Healthcare Organizations using EHR systems including CPSI, Medhost, GE CPS, and EPIC. Our list of systems we connect with is growing daily. Click below to see the complete list of systems we have supported and learn how to add your system to the list.

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